Good Dog! Sojo treats

I am super excited to have the opportunity to test products and blog about them for! They offer great pricing, products, and shipping. I love the variety of options they offer and how easy it is to navigate.

This past week I received my first blog-able product and I’m in love ( I think the dogs are too!)!  I opted to test Sojo’s Good Dog treats! They come in a few different flavors but I decided to go with the apple dumpling flavor because it sounded pretty good and I knew the ingredients were good for my dogs! They are made in the USA, wheat and corn free, and no artificial preservatives flavors or colors.


After I ordered them, they arrived quickly on my door step. I was probably more excited than my dogs, but that’s only because they don’t realize that 90% of the things delivered to my house are for them (insert eye role).image1.JPG

So let me just tell you guys, these treats smell amazing. The ingredients are so simple that it confused me as to why my treats don’t turn out perfect like these. I mean don’t get me wrong, my treats are pretty good and they work, but the shape is not the prettiest. They are ingredients that I trust my dogs to eat.

The size of these treats is perfect–especially for agility. I am totally done with using Puperoni. They are itty bitty, but they are perfect for training. They are a perfect sized treat to ensure that they are not eating too much because of treats and food!

So the true test of these treats is not my dog, but my moms picky little terrier mix. She won’t even eat my homemade treats (again, eye roll). I gave her one and at first she backed away but kept it in her mouth. She then proceeded to eat it and return to me as if to ask for more.
IMG_1801.JPG IMG_1798.JPG

I know this is my first product and I am hyping it up a bit, but they are seriously perfect for my boys. No allergy issues (check), Size appropriate (check), Dog approved(check), training approved(check), and replaces the Puperoni that I hated giving to them but needed quick treats(check)!!

I’m excited to order the other flavors available- Peanut Butter and Jelly, Blueberry Cobbler, and Chicken Pot Pie!



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