Agility Update!

So, I have done probably 6 trials now. My last one was in October and Ben had a panic attack and Woody found a snake on the course. Needless to say, we took a month break from agility, and just started back up going to practice. I’ll get into Ben’s panic attack another time but below is my understanding of the rest of the games I left out. I didn’t pay member dues this year (because I didn’t know) so I have to wait until December to get my official status of where I am in regards to levels, but some games we are level 3 and some we are level 2. AND Ben has level 1 jumpers still…. hahaha. 



Colors-Well this was easier than I thought. Basically there are two standard courses set up that overlap one another.There are typically 8-12 obstacles on both courses. You must choose one course or the other. Sometimes, obstacle 1 could be obstacle 1 on both colors, or obstacle 2 could be the same and you may have to take the obstacle from a different direction. Sometimes you may think you’re going to do the blue course but then your dog takes the red course and you must adjust. It’s a pretty simple game to understand! 

Wildcard: This course looks like a standard course, but at three different spots you will have to choose obstacle A or B. In level 1-2 you will choose two A obstacles and one B, and in the higher levels you will choose 2 B and 1 A. So, again, you can correct yourself a little if your dog chooses an A or B when you didn’t want them to! 



Jackpot: This one is confusing to me because most of the time they do what they call a “non-traditional” jackpot. Meaning, it doesn’t exactly follow the standard rules. I THINK the standard rules are something like this: 

You do whatever you want for the first part of the game. You collect points like full house and you need a min number of points based on level. THEN a buzzer goes off and you are to do the “gamble”. The gamble is typically 3-4 obstacles that your dog must complete but the catch is you can’t cross a certain line (they put tape down). So essentially your dog must be good at distance. You must complete the gamble with no faults and end on the table to Q. So, I’m glad most of the time it is a non-traditional jackpot. 

In non-traditional jackpots they can kind of do whatever they want. The courses I have seen is that during the opening time, you could complete the gamble and it may not require distance. IDK how that’s allowed but I like that. Then the buzzer rings and you still have that “gamble” time to collect extra points or something. IDK I just wait for my score haha. Some how it works out and the score you!13668981_863324830071_2221575898163967957_n.jpg




Foster Update


Well, I have been MIA. We still have Buster aka-Bussy. He isn’t going anywhere and I love him. But in the mean time we had a successful two other fosters come and go! 

Bert: Jack/Basset mix 7 months old. Bert was great. Super cute, but Woody hated him. He was with us about a week and Woody just couldn’t deal. For safety reasons, Bert got a new foster and has been adopted!

Tucker: Basenji Mix , 7 months old. Well we were going to take a break because it was pretty obvious Bussy wasn’t going anywhere but when a Basenji winds up in your reach, you just need to take it. Tucker had a foster home prior to me that said some pretty nasty things about him. It wasn’t that he was mean or awful, just he was a 7 month old PUPPY. Given that he was part Basenji and well I have Ben the rescue thought we should give him a go to see if he really is all that he was said to be. Tucks was great, but he was a puppy! He has lots of energy and wanted to constantly play. He is a very good dog eager to learn. But man is 7 sometimes a lot! Tucker found his home about two weeks after we had him and they love him so much. This was my first success and it really sucked letting him go but I knew he needed a family of his own. Tucks is a lot of work and I knew I would have to let go of SOME  fosters. hahahaha. 


Fostering is great! But 7 dogs is a lot. We didn’t get into this thinking that we were going to end up adopting dogs. (I really swear I didn’t want another dog). But sometimes, things happen and I wouldn’t change it. We will continue to foster dogs that are on the brink of death. We know 7 is a lot but if we can continue to help at desperate times, we will. FYI Pluto a chi mix who couldn’t handle the shelter is coming our way this week ;).