Foster Update


Well, I have been MIA. We still have Buster aka-Bussy. He isn’t going anywhere and I love him. But in the mean time we had a successful two other fosters come and go! 

Bert: Jack/Basset mix 7 months old. Bert was great. Super cute, but Woody hated him. He was with us about a week and Woody just couldn’t deal. For safety reasons, Bert got a new foster and has been adopted!

Tucker: Basenji Mix , 7 months old. Well we were going to take a break because it was pretty obvious Bussy wasn’t going anywhere but when a Basenji winds up in your reach, you just need to take it. Tucker had a foster home prior to me that said some pretty nasty things about him. It wasn’t that he was mean or awful, just he was a 7 month old PUPPY. Given that he was part Basenji and well I have Ben the rescue thought we should give him a go to see if he really is all that he was said to be. Tucks was great, but he was a puppy! He has lots of energy and wanted to constantly play. He is a very good dog eager to learn. But man is 7 sometimes a lot! Tucker found his home about two weeks after we had him and they love him so much. This was my first success and it really sucked letting him go but I knew he needed a family of his own. Tucks is a lot of work and I knew I would have to let go of SOME  fosters. hahahaha. 


Fostering is great! But 7 dogs is a lot. We didn’t get into this thinking that we were going to end up adopting dogs. (I really swear I didn’t want another dog). But sometimes, things happen and I wouldn’t change it. We will continue to foster dogs that are on the brink of death. We know 7 is a lot but if we can continue to help at desperate times, we will. FYI Pluto a chi mix who couldn’t handle the shelter is coming our way this week ;). 



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