About Me

Hi! My name is Margot and welcome to my version of “The-Dog-Blog”! TDB is a collection of my thoughts and experiences involving dogs and their stuff.

I grew up with Mastiffs with some German Shepherds sprinkled in and some how ended up with a Jack Russell for my very own first dog–Riley. Riley changed my life. He is the most handsome little devil–and yes, I mean devil.


True to JRT form he is a little bit, well, crazy, and I couldn’t be more obsessed. In fact–I was so obsessed with Riley that I opted out of living in college dorms so I could keep my puppy with me.Well, one JRT turns into two JRTs turns into a boy friend with a Min Pin Poo turns into a shared  Basenji, turns into a house with a mortgage, and eventually a wedding. If you think JRTs are hard, don’t even bother googling a Basenji. It’s safe to say I favor my jacks, especially Riley. 10422464_714683782921_3063834725294209346_n

Having four dogs made us all in. Riley is a little nutty and on Prozac, Woody (JRT) has some terrible food allergies and spent his first year in and out of vets, Peter (Min Pin Poo) has arthritis and a very sensitive stomach, and our Basenji—well he is just a mess especially with allergies. In July of 2016 we began fostering and now have 6 dogs of our own. Mercy and Buster are such a great addition to our family. Needless to say– I am a pretty crappy foster. I keep them forever. 

I hope to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned navigating the world of multi-dog households. I buy a lot of good things, a lot of bad things, and have an opinion on just about everything!

Woody(9),Riley (12 year old puppy),Peter(10),Mercy (2),Benny (8), and Bussy (1) .