Today I want to tell you about how much I love my Nannycams. I love my Nannycams. Okay that’s it—CYA!

No, just kidding, but seriously, I had to go a few weeks without just one of my Nannycams, and I felt like I was missing out on way to much. Getting a Nannycam to watch your dogs may seem a little too much, but it was the only way I felt comfortable leaving Woody and Benny together. They used to be out together every day and of course there would be the mystery of who had the accident, who got in the trash or who destroyed something but they were always happy and healthy. Until one day, Andy decided against feeding them dinner, because he needed to go to Home Depot and stare at paint samples, just one more time. Yes, my eyes are rolling too. So the two were hungry, Ben got in the trash and this time, they were not willing to share. Long story short—Woody’s jugular was bleeding, Ben’s face was all scratched up, and we had two dogs in the ER. Woody was the sadest puppy ever, and most of Ben’s were superficial. Luckily, they are both healthy and fine, and they still love eachother, but we could no longer leave them together.

We knew Ben couldn’t go in a bedroom or a cage so Woody was going to need to. So the first few days was a disaster. Woody’s bark/cry/howl kept setting off our house alarm. He pottied all over and destroyed things. So we decided to put him in a cage in the bedroom. Same thing but he did improve after a few weeks. I knew he wasn’t happy but there was improvement, so I thought okay maybe he’s cool now and I don’t need to put him in the cage. Well that backfired. He was awful and then when I tried to put him back in the cage he just refused.

Side note on something SUPER IMPORTANT I learned from this. DON’T CONSTANTLY CHANGE THINGS ON THEM! Woody wasn’t perfect (or close) in the cage the first go around, but he was getting better. Then I changed things on him again. Prior to this, every single day of his life he was with another dog. So this was a huge change. Think about it, when he was a baby, he was in a cage but Riley was out with him in the same room. When Ben came around all three were in the same room. Woody literally had not spent a day without being with a dog ever. So isolating not only a pact animal but an animal who has never been isolated is probably not going to go over well. Point proven, Woody, point proven. Just a thing to consider in general with dogs, I’ve learned, pact animals like to be, well in a pact. Crazy right?

So, at this point, Woody couldn’t be out with Ben but he also couldn’t be locked in a room, or in a cage in a room. My options were to put him in a cage in the room with Riley and Peter (I just would never trust two jacks out alone together…) or in a cage out with Ben. Honestly, I pictured the Scar and Zazo scene from Lion King. You know the scene where Zazo is in the cage, and Scar is like poking at him. Yeah, I could only imagine Ben doing that to Woody. So, in order to ensure that Ben did not torture poor Woody in the cage, I demanded a Nannycam for Christmas. But guess what. I got two! It was like the best day ever. One to watch the living room where the cage would be and the other for the kitchen to watch Ben NOT get into the trash.

We have the Logitech Circle Nannycam. It was so easy to set up. It needs WiFi and will save 24 hours of footage. You can save different videos if you want to your phone before it erases. The phone app is great, and we always have clear picture. You can hear what’s going on, and talk to the dogs if you want. It’s just the greatest little camera ever.

The Nannycam gave me confidence that Woody would be safe from Ben, but it also allows me to make sure that they aren’t hurt, getting into something, or freaking out. I also like to check if I forgot to put things away, close doors and see if they are doing anything funny (IE-like falling off the couch from scratching). Another great thing about the Nannycam is that when Woody’s freak attacks in the cage continued to set off the alarm, we could check the Nannycam to make sure it’s a false alarm before canceling the police! Another bonus of the Nannycam is that when I’m not home and Andy is, I catch seriously funny footage of him talking to himself and the boys. I highly recommend getting a Nannycam. It is so fun and comforting to know your doggies are safe and sleeping soundly while you’re gone!


I constantly post funny videos of the boys and me stopping anyfights  from the Nannycam on Instagram. Some videos are too long and on YouTube so check it out!



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