Products I Use

It’s pretty safe to say my boys are spoiled. They have everything they want and don’t want. Here are some of my favorite things!

As far as toys go I usually shop here because it’s typically cheaper and free shipping! Or I use amazon prime because that’s nice and easy too.

As far as food goes, we feed Orijen to the Jacks and the Basenji. It’s expensive but the boys are not allergic. The poodle has a sensitive stomach and needs a lower fat food and eats California Natural. We fed this to all of them for awhile but with Woody and Ben’s allergies it wasn’t working.  I also love Zignature but we didn’t want three foods! They love bananas, strawberries and carrots. They get bananas, fish oil and LOCAL honey (allergy helper) on their food each night.


Nylabones– Love all durable Nylabones. They love the Dental Proaction Orange bone. We nick name them “love bones” because they all wanted the first one we bought. When they get too short, we throw them out and replace–typically once or twice a year.


UltraPaws Durable Boots–Disclaimer: I returned these but, I have tried many dog boot brands and these ones actually stay on! The problem with the “durable” boots are that they are designed to walk ON SNOW not on concrete with SNOW on it. Thus, they didn’t hold up well. The “Rugged” style says concrete on their intended uses and I would love to get them but they don’t make small enough sizes. However, I was able to walk my dogs in the snow for a few trips without having to put boots back on every five seconds.

ruffwear and boots
Coats- Benny wears a green Ruffwear jacket. He actually wears his at all times because of his allergies. Super easy to put on with buckles instead of velcro and his style is not too light and not to heavy. It’s held up with basically every day use for about 5 years. Peter wears a Worthy Dog jacket. It is new this season and pretty sleek and velcros. It seems warm and I have not had an issue with it. It comes in a lot of sizes which is nice for in between sizers. The Jacks wear a brand called Friends Forever. I actually found them for $10.00 at TJ Maxx and love anything that make them match. It’s bulkier than the other two but it seems really warm. easy to put on with velcro straps.

Backpack– Riley sometimes carries a backpack on his walk. 1. I don’t want to carry their waterbowl and water in the spring/early summer and 2. he is pretty high strong and the backpack helps give him a “job” and makes the walk a little harder. It was a training tip I got when trying to run with Riley. The backpack makes him focus on working rather than the surroundings. We also use the swamp monster for runs when it is hot out. It seems to help keep him cool. Our poodle uses it more in the summer because of the long fur.




Kurgo Crash Tested Seatbelt and HarnessI just got this after having a regular Kurgo for years. Woody walks in it and it has a front hook if you prefer that and the back hook. There are no plastic buckles. Use use nested buckles which are a little odd at first but I love it. Easy on easy off and the boys can still see out of the window. I got 2 black and 2 red. The customer service is amazing and if you are in between an XS and a S they can send you straps from the other size to make it fit better. Also if your dog damages it there is a repair program where it is replaced for ~$7.00!

kurgo car seat
car ride

Glowdoggie– Riley used to be quite the escape artist. I was pretty sick of losing him through the invisible fence, and the structural fence and I invested ~$60 in this. Glowing collar that is waterproof and takes NORMAL AAA batteries versus expensive watch batteries that die in a week. It’s bright, it turns off on it’s own if you hang it up with the black side facing up, and I can see Riley in the yard. We have two-green and red. I definitely prefer the green ultra over the red classic. But they both work and have lasted 6 years.


Light up ball– I LOVE this toy. Woody and I play fetch every morning and every night. It’s a little stubborn to turn on because you have to squeeze it hard but it’s great. He sees it, I see it, fetch is easy! 


Kong– We use kongs a lot. When I walk I take two and two so while two wait they get to play with a Kong. We put a treat in it, and cover with peanut butter and put it in the freezer. We also have a Kong Wobbler that we use when feeding dinner to Ben. We also use the Kong ball and they hold up well. 

kong ball