You would think organizations would care about their members’ concerns….

Think again.
Apparently, common courtesy of being polite to people who pay to participate in something went out the door at some point.
“for the dog and handler to have fun while successfully competing for performance titles as a cohesive unit, achieved through positive training and teamwork”.
Hey… this isn’t fun anymore. It’s not the best experience at trials and I’m okay with that. But when you communicate directly with CPE individuals in the “home office” and they are blatantly rude and less than helpful it’s….”disturbing”. Disturbing. Such an interesting word choice.
With a very vague rule book, it’s quite difficult to know how an “incident” should play out. Sure I get that there is a reason CPE was created and it is described as a less formal take on dog agility compared to AKC, but dang look at the AKC rule book. You couldn’t really come up with a situation that isn’t spelled out for you. With CPE, you are at the mercy of what seems to be one individual…but again, that’s not exactly clear in the rule book either.
 There are countless issues with how the rule book is written but that’s neither here nor there at this point. There are contradictory statements in the rule book vs additional forms vs verbal guidance from CPE “officials” vs CPE “home office”. You are at the mercy of what they decide to tell you that day. 
What I gather isn’t much. You are suspended from that day forward for at min six months.
  • You have to pay $100 fee for them to review your “case”. Guess what if you decide “hey I don’t care I will sit out my six months” you still have to pay the $100 fee.
  • They can suspend you even longer if they feel like it.
  • You also have to take some sort of training course. Yep. It would be great if they let you know what training course to take BUT I am told it’s arbitrarily assigned and what they tell one person may not be the same for you. What you are directed to do by the host club probably isn’t going to count. So lets just assume you will probably waste ~$150 on courses they will determine are not good enough for your dog, but are good enough for other dogs. Canine Good Citizen must only count for people they like I guess. But you know it’s just a guess because during those 6 months you can and will be ignored when they feel like it.
  • I am also told you have to pay a reinstatement fee on top of the $100 review fee and the class fees. Someone said it was $30 per month of suspension. $180? For literally what? Don’t bother asking because you probably won’t get an answer.
Fine. I can deal with the generic rude tone. I can deal with being ignored for a few days. But what I can NOT deal with is my care for animals being questioned. There is absolutely no reason for ANYONE to question my level of commitment to animal safety. But when it comes from someone who knows nothing about me…someone who has no idea what I spend my free time doing (and guess what it’s not harming animals are not caring about them…it is however helping save hundreds of dogs a year and working with behavior dogs myself)…someone who has no right to judge me…that is just not okay. 
October 13
October 16
But what happens when you are told otherwise? Nothing nice! 
Don’t worry, we will continue to see the vague rule book citations! Because look the rule book references a even suggests that you don’t get the form…but wouldn’t you think the rule book should detail out the requirements that are listed on the form? I for one would be going to the rule book for that information if I had not be directed otherwise. 
But let’s reference the rule book in just a different way because that would most certainly update the rule book language to include important information. That online rule book is at least the most current book which was not present at my “hearing”!
When you can’t reference a rule book one more time– you ignore paying individuals.
October 20
Since there seemed to be judgement of tracking a check in the mail this time I didn’t track it. Also they did not let me track mail going to a PO box at the shipping place so who knows.
October 23
The dreaded unclear rule book reference…again.
Crazy. There was this invention called Skype….or facetime. I mean surly they know of conference calls at minimum?
So let me spell out my question, I guess. One could imagine that at minimum $14*48 =$672 to qualify for Nationals (and we don’t typically have all perfect trials so add that in… I did. Over $1,000 invested in one year)is important to you.
Distributed.  But the logic here is a circle. If I think nothing happened why would I be concerned that something happened. This makes no sense so maybe I missed a page in the rule book about how to translate illogical thinking.  The verbiage used, of course, paints a negative picture but hey it’s all in a days work I guess!  
But, you do not know me. So please do not judge me or my dog’s “reaction”. Do not imply that you are better at reading my dog than me. Do not imply that I do not know how to understand a dog to dog situation. Do not judge my ability to handle and understand actual situations. I deal with problematic dogs DAILY. And Woody isn’t one of them. 
But let’s get back to the rule book, okay?
Is it really a review, when you’re punished immediately? No not in my opinion, at least. What it seems you are reviewing is how much you like the person and what you want to make them pay you for answers. Okay, let’s spell out the answer for us new comers. Was that so hard? Is it a problem because you didn’t train people appropriately to know your rules.. Or is it that your rule book is very vague and thus interpretation differs from your intent? Because I would bet that if the host clubs distribute false information many individuals participating are confused too. 
Silence. What can you do? Nothing. You are at the mercy of one person organizing a face to face meeting because face time or many other apps do not solve this issue. And it would safe to assume this individual isn’t in a hurry to help you because she has six months and doesn’t actually care. The longer you’re suspended the more your reinstatement fee is? If that’s even true. Who knows.
December 1
Does honesty count for anything? Probably not. But if people are okay with lying, that’s something they have to deal with. You can “break rules” unknowingly but knowing that you are breaking the rules and lying to make yourself feel legitimate is okay. Noted. Very great concept to live by if it works for you.
But silence.
December 518.PNG
What are the odds I hear back  before their break? What are the odds I hear back before people can submit apps for nationals Jan 18th? 
Many people ask if I care that judges will probably use all of this against me. What I think is that there are some good judges out there. What I also think is that there are probably some judges that will replicate this type of treatment to an innocent dog just having fun doing agility. Those people belong in this organization so  just like the mean girls I will have to deal with them. 


Happy 9th Birthday guy. I love you.

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