The Break

I’ve immersed myself into many different segments of the dog world and while I’ve learned a positive thing or two along the way what I’ve really learned is that this world isn’t nicer than any other world.

Rescue- There are so many avenues in this category. Rescues judging other rescues for doing things different. People judging rescues for not saving a dog. Even worse people getting mad that a rescue can’t take their 6 year old dog that they have had it’s entire life but they “just don’t have the time for it anymore”. Threats. ” I don’t want to take my dog to the pound, but if you can’t help me I will.”–implying a deaths sentence for their dog. Trainers judging rescues. Trainers judging fosters. Fosters judging fosters. Volunteers becoming territorial of their role when others are just trying to help. It’s just an entire group of judgement. At it’s core it’s supposed to be about the dogs. Saving dogs from unkind humans, and unkind situations they didn’t ask for nor deserve. It’s about humans failing them once, maybe twice, maybe much much more. It’s about a group of humans being selfless and trying to prove that while many people just suck some don’t. Yet, we make rescue about us and not the dogs.

Agility- I don’t really get this world. These people are supposed to be dog people. That being said I would assume that these people would understand simple dog safety issues like retractable leashes are the devil, your dog can’t run up to any dog it pleases, and things like grapes are toxic to dogs (please stop dropping them on the floor and saying “it’s okay… a dog will get it.”….yeah and subsequently end up in the ER fighting for their life. So after almost two years it’s become clear that these people are not really dog people but really just self centered people who must have really loved high school and only care about their clique and the accompanying dog. These people judge you, your dog, how you and your dog perform, how your dog looks and anything else they can attach to in way to belittle someone who wants to have fun with their dog. This sport is supposed to be about having fun with dogs but it’s about egos, placement, and making others feel like an outcast.

Dog Parks- My dog likes to play. Your dog likes to play. That doesn’t mean they will like each other. Too many times I see the story unfold where two dogs just can’t get along at the dog park. Some dogs just don’t like each other and instead of forcing it, why not walk away? Just leave. For the safety of your dog and the other dog…just leave. “Why do I have to’s their dogs problem!” Well it will be both owner’s problem when a fight breaks out because one dog just could not read body language. But let’s not just blame the dogs here. Dogs give off body language and as such, you should be helping your dog reading their body language, and the other dogs. When your dog is uncertain or about to make a bad decision…step in. Help your dog make the right decision. For every negative interaction with a dog, your dog needs a ton of positive interactions to wash it away. Dog parks are full of ignorant people and listening to people talk about breeding their dog because it’s just so cute is infuriating.

Is this a rant? A negative post? Sure. But what I’ve come to realize is that the dog world lives up to the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world”. No matter the good you do in the community there is always someone there to bring you down. Does this mean I will stop helping dogs, working with my dogs, having fun with dogs, and loving dogs? No! But sometimes it’s worth it to take a step back and just love your own dogs as they are and not try to be part of a human pack . ;D


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